Penis extenders for treating Peyronie’s disease

Penis extenders are mainly used for enlarging the penis. They are mostly employed by men who wish to make their penises bigger and who are not satisfied with what nature gave them. However, they are not the only ones that use this device. More and more men are using penis extenders to actually treat a condition known as Peyronie’s disease. In fact, there are more and more health professionals that are recommending the use of penis extenders as treatment for this condition.

Although Peyronie’s disease sounds like some sort of infection or a potentially life-threatening disease, it is in fact simply curvature of the penis that was caused by the inflammation of certain tissues in the penis. It is quite common as it is suspected that around 15% of men worldwide are suffering from this condition. It is characterized by the trademark curvature of the penis upwards, usually occurring somewhere in the middle of the penis, giving it the upward curve.

This condition is mainly caused by injury to the penis which is usually done during sexual intercourse. The strangest thing is that most of the men do not even notice that this has happened until they start noticing the upward curve. The curvature happens when the inflammation caused by injury starts forming scar tissue which is hard and which causes the entire organ to bend upwards. It is not painful, but it can have certain symptoms such as erectile difficulties and certain issues with urination.  Also, it causes a significant shortening of the penis due to the curvature and thickening.

With penis extenders, Peyronie’s disease can be treated very successfully. Namely, as these devices apply stretching to the penis aimed straight from the base of the penis, this stretching gradually corrects the curvature and eases the symptoms that might accompany the curvature. In the best case scenario, the curvature can be corrected up to 90%, which means that the curvature is near gone. This allows the tissue to heal faster as more blood can get to the scar tissue. If everything goes right, Peyronie’s disease can be treated completely with penis extenders.

However, before you start using a Bathmate penis pump for this purpose, you should first talk with your doctor about this.

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